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EOBR Cost vs Benefits

EOBR Costs vs. Benefits

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EOBR Mandate Has Passed

The U.S. Congress has adopted a bill that requires drivers to track their hours of service using electronic logging devices. If you must file a record of duty status (RODS), this mandate affects you. So, consider this your go-to resource for current legislation, stakeholder positions on the EOBR rule and how trucking regulatory compliance will impact your business.

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E-Log Mandate for the Trucking Industry Takes Another Step Forward

Posted on by Tom Cuthbertson

The FMCSA’s e-log mandate took another step forward in the rulemaking process today. What requirements does the proposed rule demand of compliant electronic logging devices? And, what does the ELD mandate enforcement date look like now?

Let’s take a look at the details—and what it means for the trucking industry.

electronic driver logs may soon be required by e-log mandate
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ELD Mandate Clears the Office of Management and Budget

Posted on by Tom Cuthbertson

The ELD mandate (or, electronic logging device mandate) cleared a significant hurdle today. It passed out of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB)—bringing the FMCSA one step closer to getting the Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking out to the public for comment—a required step in the rulemaking process.

electronic logging device

So, to break down the EOBR / ELD mandate process so far:

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Looks like we’ll be in suspense… a little bit longer

Posted on by admin

A new update was made to the DOT’s significant rule making document over the weekend, and it appears to be another 2-week delay to the details of the ELD mandate being published.

The current official dates for the mandate are:
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Short Haul Guidance on 30-Minute Rest Breaks

Posted on by Tom Cuthbertson

On December 19th, the FMCSA released additional guidance for short-haul drivers. Do you sometimes exceed the distance or time limits that would otherwise allow you to take advantage of short-haul exemptions? Then, you’ll want to read this clarification on 30-minute rest breaks in 395.1 e.

Trucks parked at a truck stop.
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EOBR Mandate Timeline: Update

Posted on by Ryan Barnett

The EOBR mandate timeline is still very much a moving target, but we wanted to share with you all the latest that we know:

  • The Supplemental Notice for Proposed Rulemaking (SNPRM) has cleared the Office of the Secretary and moved into the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
  • The FMCSA is projecting clearance from OMB the week of December 15.
  • We are now expecting a published SNPRM on December 23, as reported in the latest DOT Significant Rulemaking report.

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